Thank you for your interest in our CSA. Offering Community Supported Agriculture is a great way for us to connect with our neighbors and customers. We're looking forward to working together throughout the coming season!

If you would like to learn more about our CSA program, visit the CSA tab and FAQ's page. Email us with questions and comments any time, at

2015 CSA 22 Week Share

Enjoy all that our farm has to offer, with a 22 week season of fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose from a Half Share (family of 2-3) or a Full Share (family of 4-6) and eat like a farmer!

2015 CSA Fall Extension

Extend your regular season CSA share, to enjoy Kirbygrown produce for the last three weeks of November. Not available for pickup at Rochester Public Market.

2015 October Chomper

Enjoy four weeks of our homegrown produce through the month of October!


#1 Tomatoes ($10.00 )

First quality tomatoes! Beautiful, juicy, and falvorful. #1 Tomatoes are as flawless as field tomatoes can be. Great for salads, sandwiches, and still lifes.

Broccoli ($6.00 )

Fresh Homegrown Broccoli Crowns

Canning Tomatoes ($8.00 )

There's nothing like the flavor of a homegrown tomato, fresh from the field! These tomatoes are canning quality, which means you may find a bruise or other flaw here and there. Perfect for sauces, salsa, juice, and ... canning!

Eggplant ($7.50 )

Fresh, homegrown eggplant. Order by the peck, 1/2 bushel, or bushel.

Fresh Flower Bouquet ($5.00 )

We grow a colorful variety of cut flower annuals. Bouquets and bunches of zinnias or snapdragons are usually about 5-8" accross, perfect for a canning jar or medium vase.

Greg'ry's Fresh Bread ($4.50 )

One loaf of soft, delicious, bread from Greg'ry's Bakery in Bergen, NY. Available to pick up at the market, and delivered to drop offs on Tuesday. Choose front the sweeter Mountain Bread, or a loaf of Cracked Wheat Bread. NOT available for Rochester Public Market pickup.

Honey - 1 Pound ($5.29 )

Local Honey in one pound jar!

Honey - 2 Pounds ($9.29 )

Enjoy 2 pounds of delicious Honey!

Honey - Small (Spread, Honey Bear, 8oz Jar) ($3.29 )

Sweeten your toast, tea, or baking, with local honey!

Jalapenos ($7.50 )

Fresh picked, Kirbygrown jalapenos, ready for spicing up whatever you've got cooking!

Java Junction Coffee ($14.00 )

Arabica coffee beans, freshly roasted at Java Junction in Brockport, NY. Available in one pound bags. (Descriptions Below)

New York Maple Syrup ($5.89 )

Locally produced maple syrup by Merle Maple Farm in Attica, NY.

Sweet Green Bell Peppers ($7.00 )

Field-grown sweet green peppers from Kirby's! Great for fresh eating, stuffing, or making into salsa.

Sweet Red Bell Peppers ($14.00 )

Sweet Red Bell Peppers, grown on our farm. Wonderful for roasting, fresh eating in salads and sandwiches, salsas and sauces.

The Nibbler ($18.00 )

The Nibbler is a one week share, the perfect way to try out our CSA and see what it's all about. Available July-October. This Half Share box usually provides enough fruits and vegetables for 1-3 people.