2020 CSA, 23 Week Share

Store 2020 CSA, 23 Week Share

Enjoy all that our farm has to offer, with a 23 week season of fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose from a Quarter Share (1-2), Half Share (family of 2-3) or a Full Share (family of 4-6) and eat like a farmer! Please note that "Whole season" means one full payment when you place your order.

Full - whole season $782.00 Price:
Full - 2 payments of: $391.00 Price:
Half - whole season $391.00 Price:
Half - 2 payments of: $195.50 Price:
Quarter - whole season $195.50 Price:
Quarter - 2 payments of: $97.75 Price:
Delivery frequency
: Weekly

Our 2020 season will start June 15th and go until the third week of November. Enjoy 23 Weeks of fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables. Our 23 week CSA Share covers the main growing season - Spring, Summer, and Fall. Your box will be packed with everything we grow, as it comes into season.

Choose between a Full Share which will provide 4-6 people with most of the produce they need for the week, a Half Share that will provide 2-3 people with most of the produce they need for the week, or our Quarter Share. See our website for comparisons.

How much produce you need depends a lot on how much you cook at home. Keep in mind that one of the benefits of a CSA share is the motivation it gives you to eat more fruits and veggies, make more of your own food, and just be healthier.

Look forward to a weekly email with: current farm conditions; tips on how to handle produce; and recipes to help you decide what to do all of those fresh fruits and veggies, including how to preserve any extra produce you may have, to savor throughout the winter months.

One or Two Payments: the first payment is charged when you sign up, the second payment will be automatically charged on May 18th or 30 days after the first payment, whichever comes later.