Apples, 8qt (peck)

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Can't get enough apples? Order a peck today! Variety descriptions below...

Evercrisp, 8 qt $18.90  Qty: Price:
Honeycrisp, 8 qt $18.90  Qty: Price:
Ruby Frost, 8 qt $18.90  Qty: Price:
Snapdragon, 8qt $18.90  Qty: Price:
Cortland 8qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Crispin, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Empire 8qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Fuji, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Gala, 8qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Golden Delicious, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Ida Red, 8qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Jonagold, 8qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Macoun 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
McIntosh, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Northern Spy, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Red Delicious, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Applesauce/Baking Mix 8qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
Eating Mix, 8 qt $9.45  Qty: Price:
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Honeycrisp - everyone knows this super-crunchy, very juicy apple! Perfect for eating fresh, you can also cook with it (but why??).
Snapdragon - A new variety, the hardest apple we grow! Very sweet, best for fresh eating.
Ruby Frost - Another extra-special, new variety! Crunchy and juicy with a nice tart kick.
Autumn Crisp - sweet-tart, extra crisp and juicy
Blondee - crisp and juicy, perfect for eating
Empire - sweet-tart, crunchy, juicy - great for eating!
Cortland - excellent for sauce and pie
Crispin - sweet, juicy, and crisp, great for fresh eating
Gala - a small, sweet apple, perfect for snacking and for kids
Gingergold - an early yellow apple, sweet and mildly tart
Golden Delicious - sweet and juicy
Ida Red - our best keeping apple, great for long term storage. Use for baking and cooking.
Jonagold - a great all-purpose apple, enjoy them in sauce, baking, and eating fresh.
Macoun - extra sweet with a mild tart flavor, perfect for eating.
McIntosh - juicy and tangy, a favorite for eating and baking!
Northern Spy - Linda Kirby's favorite baking apple!
Twenty Ounce - tart and juicy, great for cooking and baking!
Applesauce Mix - Cortland, Ida Red, and Jonagold create a nice balance of flavor. No sugar needed in our opinion!
Eating Mix - Empire, Crispin, and Fuji