Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I sign up? 
    • We are now accepting online purchases! Click here to sign up.
    • Register by our early signup deadline of March 31st and receive a thank you bonus! This year the thank you bonus is a six pack of annuals. When you come to the market for your six pack, you can choose from our selection of annual flowers, herbs, or vegetable plants. If you can't make it to the market, we'll send a few choices to your pick-up location, first come, first served.
    • Our regular sign up deadline is May 1st. 
  • How many shares are available?
  • 250 shares are available for 2019. We started slow with under 50 members in our first year, and grew to about 170 in our second season. Every year we’re making our CSA better and better!
  • How much will I receive each week?
  • You can see packlists from previous years, and photo comparisons of share sizes here. A half share is generally enough produce for 2-3 people, while a full share is usually enough for 4-5 people. How quickly you go through your share depends a lot on how much you cook at home. One of the benefits of a CSA share is the motivation it gives you to eat more fruits and veggies, make more of your own food, and just be healthier. Spring shares will be lighter with crops like peas, strawberries, and spinach.  Later in the season, shares will be much heavier (up to ten pounds heavier!!) with apples, peaches, squashes, corn, cabbage, etc.

    <<     These photos illustrate the difference between a half and full share packed in November. Click for a larger image. The full share received twice as many apples and broccoli in addition to winter squash and cauliflower.

    • What do I get in my share?

    Throughout the growing season, we include a variety of crops each week (4-6 different seasonal fruits and vegetables weekly).  One or two staple items like corn, squash, tomatoes, apples and peppers, will be included in weekly pick-ups, while some crops may only be included once or twice. Please click here to see examples.

    • Where do I pick up my share?

    Our main pickup location is Kirby’s Farm Market. When filling out your membership application, you may chose either Tuesdays or Saturdays, and your share will be available at that time throughout the season. Pickup times are 1pm – 7pm both days.

    Other pickup locations can be found in Spencerport, Gates, and Rochester. Details are available here.

    • What will my share be packed in?
    • We use a sturdy, collapsible, plastic, container that is sterilized and reused each week.

    • What if I forget to pick up my share or I’m on vacation?
      • You can switch pickup days for the week, as long as you give us at least seven days notice.
      • You can arrange with someone (friend or relative) to pick up your box anytime you are on vacation.
      • We do not offer credits for weeks missed.
    • How do you communicate with CSA members?
    • Email is the best way for us to communicate with members. Please make sure we always have a current email address for you. If you have any problems or questions during the season, you can always contact us at – or call us at (585) 637-2600. Resolving issues and keeping you informed is on the top of our priority list.

    • Is it required that I work on the farm?
    • No, but we do invite our CSA members for special events at the market, like the garlic or pumpkin harvest.

    • How long is the season?
    • Currently we offer a 23 week season that goes from mid June until mid November.

    • Can I split a share?
    • We do not offer “split shares”. However we do offer HALF Shares – good for a household of 2-3, and Quarter Shares, ideal for a household of 1 or 2. Several of our members split their shares with friends or family (whether half or full shares), but it’s up to you to make those arrangements. Our Full Share is the best value.

    • What if I get something that I don’t want/like in my share?
    • Each week the share contains items that are pre-determined by the farmer.  Some of them might be new to you and we hope you’ll see this as an opportunity to enjoy something new! If there is an item you won’t eat, please consider donating it or giving it to a friend. If you know you can’t find a home for it, our market pickup location has a swap table of whatever produce is most plentiful at that time. It’s probably in your box, but this way you can leave the eggplant behind and take more sweet peppers, if eggplant is banned from your kitchen. Some of our pickup locations have the opportunity to swap as well.

    • How do I use the new items I’ve never bought or cooked before?
      • As new produce shows up in your share throughout the season, we provide you with information on the best way to store it, a recipe or two, and maybe some nutritional and historical information.
      • Share your favorite recipes with us and we will post them for other CSA members to see.
      • There are great recipes online at, and Periodically we post links to blogs or websites on our facebook page or in our own blog posts that feature produce in season. If you have a specific question you can always email us and we’ll help you out.